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Playground Surfacing

Naturomulch, LLC Playground Surfacing Division

Naturomulch, LLC, DBA: Texas Playground Mulch is in business for last six Yrs supplying different kinds of playground surfacing. Especially, Naturomulch, LLC, DBA: Texas Playground Mulch manufactures our own Engineered Wood Fiber with the trade name Kiddy Kushion EWF. We are IPEMA Certified playground surfacing manufacturer. To download our IPEMA Certificate, please log on to https://ipema.org/certified-product/ and view or download our certificate. Naturomulch, LLC, DBA: Texas Playground Mulch provides delivery and installation services. If you like you are most welcome to pick up at our yard. We serve entire State of Texas. We also go to other states surrounding State of Texas for larger quantities. Please visit our website www.naturomulch.com or www.texasplaygroundmulch.com for more details about this product.

Naturomulch, LLC, DBA: Texas Playground Mulch is also distributor, supplier, and installer of playground surfacing other than Engineered Wood Fiber and accessories required for playground such as:

  • Rubber Mulch – This product is nothing but recycled tires. It is 99-9% metal free and completely safe for children's playground use. This product comes in 2000 LBS (one ton) super sacks. Most economical is Unpainted Natural Black product. It also comes in five different colors such as Redwood, Mocha Brown, Painted Black, Green, and Royal Blue. We are wholesale distributors of Rubber Mulch. This product doesn't decompose for several Yrs hence it saves you over the period of time. Please visit our website www.superrubbermulch.com for more details about this product.
  • Artificial Turf –This is also called as Synthetic Turf, Artificial Grass, Synthetic Grass, or Fake Grass. This product is used as playground surfacing with a foam cushion padding to protect from fall height. This product cost more in compare to Engineered Wood Fiber and Rubber Mulch. We have seen that customers like to spend on this product because it is not loose fill and it doesn't get messy. The playground looks beautiful and you have to do hardly any maintenance. It lasts for Yrs, maybe more than 15 Yrs if kept well. In addition to playground surfacing, this product can be used for Putting Golf, Dog Runs, and landscaping purposes. Please visit our website www.supersyntheticturf.com for more details about this product.
  • Poured In Place Rubber – This product is EPDM granules that are bonded with Polyurethane Glue together and installed most of the time on concrete base. It can also be installed on bare ground by preparing a base with shredded recycled tire rubber. Mostly this product is used in water parks, splash pads. It is also being used on regular playgrounds and it lasts several Yrs. It has very low maintenance and can be repaired in patches if damaged in certain area. Please give us a call at 214-227-2212 or email us at Naturomulch@gmail.com for more details about this product.
  • Pea Gravel – Some people use this product as a playground surfacing. Naturomulch, LLC sales this product to our customers who are interested in installing Pea Gravel on their playgrounds.
  • Playground Accessories – Naturomulch, LLC carries different varieties of Playground Borders or Edgings in various colors. We also carry other accessories like Weed Blocking liner commercial grade to protect from growing weeds through the surfacing. We can order parts for your playgrounds if there any damage to certain section. You do not have to replace whole playground, we can repair your existing playground to save you money. We also carry Seaming Tape, Glue, and other accessories required to install Artificial Turf. We have all you need for your playground. Please our websites stated above to obtain more specific details and FAQ.